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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Take back your power and channel it into achieving the results you want in your life.

Transform what's been keeping you stuck by creating a unique relationship with yourself and learn how to overcome your anxiety, depression and stress so they can't hold you back anymore!

Who is it for?

Individuals who want to:

  • Breakthrough their limiting beliefs

  • Discover their core values

  • Strengthen their connection with themself

  • Transform their life

  • Unlock their potential

  • Create a lifestyle that makes them feel alive

What to expect...

  • Create, plan and achieve your goals

  • Find the answers you've been looking for... along with ones you weren't

  • Become resilient, self-aware and powerful

  • Get clear on who you want to become and start becoming them

Carla Barber - Life and Mindfulness Coach
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