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What is Life Coaching?

Coaching itself is a tailored course of sessions facilitated by a certified professional.


The main purpose of the Life Coach is to provide a safe space to build a relationship of trust, integrity, and honesty. This safe space will be a creative foundation to focus on getting you from where you are now to where you want to be in your future, starting by identifying what that is.

A Life Coach will always remain non-judgemental and act as a guide.

Will coaching work for me?

If you're ready to start making changes in your life... YES!

If you want to learn more about what you value, your identity and what you want... YES!

Do you need to be in a positive mindset or place in life to start a course of coaching? 

No. This is something that takes time to develop and a Life Coach can help with but an open mind helps.

Do you need to feel ready?

This depends on you and the coach you're looking to develop a relationship with.


If you're currently in a place of severe anxiety or depression (phobia, addiction, heavy trauma, suicidal thoughts), therapy is a better solution for you. Coaching focuses on the now into the future. Therapy, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), is better suited to finding out what might be causing you to feel the way you're feeling and finding a solution that works for you. If your company provides an Employee Assistance Program I would recommend trying this first. 

If your anxiety or depression aren't in a severe place then coaching can help.

Your coach:

Your coach will also be experienced and maybe qualified in areas other than coaching, so it's worth doing your research into the individual. 

Personally, as you can see from my about me page, I'm experienced in both depression and anxiety along with other life traumas such as redundancy, adoption, toxic relationships and sexuality confusion. Therefore I do have a deep understanding of how to approach others who've been through or are going through a similar experience.

To get a feel for the way I coach,

book in for your free Discovery Call now

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