Summerise a film in 1 sentence.

Every film I see for the first time I am writing in a single sentence my take on it. Join me in the comments space below!

My films of 2017

Film #1 - London Has Fallen


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My film of the year so far:


Why? Split is not only an M. Night Shyamalan film, who I'm inspired by, but in my opinion it showcases one of James McAvoy's best performances to date. The story line is gripping you're never sure where it'll take you next and [semi spoiler alert!] the ending's relation to a previous film is intriguing. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you're not a thriller fan don't be put off by the trailer, it's not jumpy. The parts that could be are choreographed in an amazing way.

The film I need to give a second chance:


Why? The Passengers trailer, like many for some annoying reason, gave away pretty much the entire plot in the trailer. For this reason I didn't expect a complicated love story set in space. I expected a typical action / adventure style story. Because of my expectation my feelings were MASSIVELY tainted and I would like to watch it again with a clear mind and the right expectations. I loved Michael Sheen's input to the film I think he's a clear addition. And although J'Law and Pratt seemingly didn't have to give their most trying performances the chemistry was there. 

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