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After a life of people pleasing, poor decisions, and never truly feeling like I belonged, I identified the secrets to living a happier, more fulfilling life... starting with mindfulness. 

My mission is to reignite your passion for life, but more importantly, your devotion to yourself. After all, you're the one person who will always be in your life, right!?

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About Me

Certified Life Coach, Massuse and Mindfulness professional.

Over 1,770 hours of Coaching experience in business and life.

2 redundancies in as many years. Yes, I've been there and I know the heartbreak, fear and confusion that comes with it.

7 years at Apple, 4 of those spent as a Creative, training, mentoring and coaching customers and colleagues.

Over 15 years experiencing different types of therapies, counseling and coaching inspired me to become a Life Coach myself and help others transform their own lives and overcome their obstacles.

10 years battling with anxiety, depression and stress which prevented me from living my life and attracting the right people in my support system, until... I discovered the secrets of mindfulness and various tools and strategies that changed who I am. Yes, people can change! 

For far too long, I led an unconscious life. Being a follower rather than a leader. Being  a people pleaser rather than finding my own happiness. Being obedient rather than the inquisitive, rebellious and headstrong girl inside my head I only dreamed about. 

I allowed my life-learned habits within anxiety, depression, empathy, stress and emotion run my life for me. Knowing me then, you'd have said I'm patient, kind, and composed, and that I'm quiet but chatty in the right company. Now, I'm still all of these things, but with important changes that needed to be made. I'm in control. I'm the master and have given these habits purpose, intent, boundaries and ground rules.

If you can relate to this, you'll recognise the habits I'm referring to. Gaslighting yourself, being overly concerned with other people's judgments and perceptions, prioritising what makes others happy over your own needs.  Asking yourself questions like, "What are my needs?" " What exactly am I?" "Am I really happy" ?"  I get it... I really, really do. Let's chat and see if there's a spark!

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